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How we started.

We are a student-run organization based in Reading School who fundraise in the school and local community for charities. The four founding members, Peter Drew, Seth Peiris, Smitkumar Vaidya and Sam Miller all started the group when in 2015 they began raising money together for the Syrian Refugee Council in aid of the ongoing Refugee Crisis. Before too long many other students were involved. Through events across the course of the year, the new School Refugee Fundraising Committee managed to raise close to 10K. Following on from the success and support of the preceding year, the Committee decided to spread out and focus on many more charities in short- and long-term fundraising efforts. With supervision and support from several teachers, and further to its frequent fundraising events, the Committee meets regularly and promotes its activities amongst the other students of the school. If you want to find out more, please contact us; if you would like to donate, please do so by clicking 'Donate Now'.



The Reading School Charity Committee is an effort able to operate due to the commitment of the entire school as well as teachers and staff. We give special thanks to Mrs Honickburg, Mr Robson, Mr Evans and Mrs Janes for their ongoing help and support.


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